Frequently Asked Questions


1. Will this work in my Dutch toilet?

Yes! Our products are specifically designed for the Dutch toilets. In 95% of the cases your installation will be easy to complete yourself.

2. How long will it take for the product to send?

Shipping takes about 1-4 days. We always to try to send as quick as possible. We use postNL for sending.

3. When is the 'warm' version available?

We are currently working on this. We expect within a couple of months. A warm water bidet is more complicated to install. The temperature of the water in the Netherlands might get cold in the winter our autumn months, but so far this has never been an issue for our bidet users. 

4. How long does the bidet last before it needs to be replaced?

How long the Hugo bidet lasts depends, like all other products, on the usage and maintenance of the item. There are right and wrong ways of using it. By following these best practices below you can ensure your Hugo Bidet will last for up to 7 years. Although you should consider changing out for a new bidet after 4 years for peace of mind.

  • Keep the lever on the T-valve in the off position (downwards) when it is not in use. Sometimes it's easy to forget to turn it off, so we highly recommend keeping the pressure below 20% (and even lower depending if you have high pressure in your home). Meaning, please keep the lever much less than the half-way mark. We find the fully opened lever on the T-adapter creates very high pressure and over time it will wear out the spray head and hose and may cause leaks.
  • Make sure the T-valve attached to the toilet tank pipe is installed correctly and evenly. Many times the teeth of the pipe don't catch with perfect alignment (like a bottle cap that doesn't twist on evenly) and can cause leakage. You will know the adapter is installed properly when the adapter will no longer twist.
  • Hand-tighten all joints every 4-6 months. Over time, joints can loosen up. Do not use tools to twist too hard as over tightening the brass nut on a plastic toilet pipe can cause damage to the pipe or the sealant around the pipe and the toilet tank.
  • Do not handle the spray head aggressively, as it can damage the open/close mechanism on the spray head. If the spray head button feels "sticky", please turn the pressure to full-blast and the button will "unlock".

5. Do I have to turn off the adapter valve each time?

We highly recommend this practice. The reason why is due to the build up of pressure that can form if the adapter is continuously left on and the spray head is closed. Over time this can weaken the joints and fixtures within the hose which can cause leaks. If you forget once in a while, as we all do, that's OK, but try not to make it a habit to leave it on. If you turn the adapter off daily, you're bidet will last beyond 5-7 years.

6. Is there a warranty?

There is a 2 year manufacturer warranty on parts. If something stops working, please email us with the details and any accompanying images or videos and if we cannot fix it virtually, we will send you the replacement parts, no more questions asked.